A World of Copy and Paste

When I posted this poem from Frough, It reminded me of a friend who once was talking about another friend (well yes he was a friend too!!); I told him you see even Mr. X Finished writing his thesis and only me and you are lagging behind. He said thats true. But he didnt write it! He copied and pasted! Arent we living a world of copy and paste? I just did it. I copied this poem of Frough. But please, Give the source when you write a poem of some one else. Otherwise I will assume it was yours. Of course that will only last one day. The next day when I figure that out, it will be called plagiarism. (add this last word to your English Vocabulary)

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سلام . ميشه اون پيغامی که در بلاگ من گذاشتيد . بياييد و ترجمه کنيد .

حبيب قاضي زاده

دوست گرامي سلام.بايد بگم كه خيلي خوب مي نويسيد.و من به شما تبريك مي گويم.با احترام.در پناه حق