Laleh and Ladan

Have you ever been thinking of Laleh and Ladan? Do you even know who they are? I am sure most of you know them? But did you ever think of them seriously? Did you ever think living like them? Did you ever imagine them living a free life separated? Ok let me introduce these two sisters to those of you who do not know them.

Laleh and Ladan, are Siamese twin sisters living in Iran, life has never been simple. Although they are similar to other girls their age in many ways, they must constantly confront issues of individual and shared identity as they go about their everyday lives together. Although aware that it could prove fatal for one of them, they hope to one day undergo the operation that will separate them.

Ok now let me tell you of my obsession with these two sisters. I became to know there two sisters when they were less than a year ago and Since then I have never forgotten them. I have always imagined a separate life fro them. Now that the advance of medical technology has gone for far and this hope of them living a separate life may soon realize, Can we be of any help? I know we can. There are many kind-hearted Iranians inside as well as outside Iran. Maybe with your help we establish a bank account in trust for these sisters and help them go through this expensive operation which could cost as much as half a million dollars. I wish I had the money to pay for their separation. But I know Will your help it will be possible.
The sisters are ready themselves. They are already in Malaysia and decided to go for operation if the doctors allow them. Please post your ideas.
Can we do any thing for them?
See the following links to know more about the twin sisters.

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