,First day

First of all, thanks to Dr. Hadi from beerang.
Second, Why am I staring this site in English?
The truth is that I do not have a Persian keyboard and it was difficult to write in farsi without a Persian keyboard.
Third, this is not that type of farhangestan you might expect, like farhangestan-e zaban. But I hope with your help I can turn this to a real website. Well, maybe one day a real site. I am quite positive that I will have very little time to contribute regularly to this page. But I hope that I will have enough interesting ideas that will attract your contributions.
So I guess enough for the first night and I should say I liked most of your pages.
Please feel free to link me to your pages.

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سلام و ممنون که اومدین. بازم بهتون سر میزنم.


Hi, Thanx god u started a weblog, so i could c u more! I wonder u was who had put comments in english 4 me? بابا زبون آدم بنویش دیگه. اگه منظورتون از کیبرد فارسی لیبل فارسی برا کیبرده که مشکلی نداره. اگر هم خود فارسیه که باز هم مشکلی نداره. خدا پدر بیل گیتس رو بامرزه که تو ویندوز xp ما رو تحویل گرفته. اگر CD اش رو می خوای فقط لب تر کن. قربون هرچی آدم با فرهنگه!


علی و مهتاب مال يک کتابند! اسمش هم من او است!